Anthonia was born on the 13th of December 1993. She was brought up with her younger sister from the age of 7 years old by her single mother.

Anthonia was Vibrant, Loving, Kind, Tenacious, Artistic and Academically gifted. She was God-fearing.

 Anthonia had self- esteem. Her ‘Self Esteem’ in her own words is:

1.  Help others

2.  Talk & walk with happiness

3.  Choose Joy over EVERYTHING

4.  Don’t Envy others

5.  Be Generous(GOD WILL BLESS ME)

6.  Speak Truth & Kindness

7.  Keep my heart free from worry

8.  Keep my heart from wrong desire

9.  Take care of myself image

10. SMILE!

She was diagnosed of TTP at about the age of 14 years old. Despite her illness, her inner strength and her tenacity kept her going, she did not allowed the illness to put her down and was able to perform brilliantly in her academics. She always had a smile on her face. She studied health and social care at ‘A Levels’ and hoped to study to become a specialist Nurse in the area of TTP with a view to been able to support others with a similar ailment. Sadly, Anthonia was not able to live her hopes and dream.

Anthonia was a giver of love, time and resources to those that surrounded her. She was a daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, nephew, friend and a confidant to many. She was loved by all.

Anthonia had a heart of God. She is an Angel.

Anthonia always wanted to work helping others